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Our company Avisani has been founded in 2015 to offer consulting and development services focused on SAP CRM. Our company’s mission is to create smart and effective solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

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Our solutions bring many benefits

  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance | AVISANI

    Easy and inexpensive maintenance

    We have a perfect overview of all SAP CRM components. Thanks to our experiences, we can guarantee the smooth operation of the information system.

  • Modification of existing solutions | AVISANI

    Modification of existing solutions

    We will prepare the modification of your existing SAP CRM quickly and efficiently. We will take care that you are always working with software that meets your current requirements.

  • Fast information system | AVISANI

    Fast information system

    We will ensure that all SAP CRM modifications are implemented in a way that you will have a fast and well-optimized information system.

  • Smooth implementation of new features | AVISANI

    Smooth implementation of new features

    We will prepare all the background for your internal team to adopt the new SAP CRM features as quickly and easily as possible.

We design, develop and implement our solutions based on the years of experiences of our certified consultants.

We constantly follow the latest trends in information technology and develop our skills to provide our customers with superior consulting and programming services related to SAP CRM, mobile application development and business process automation in the SAP environment.

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