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Mobile Apps with SAP CRM integration

Use the benefits of SAP CRM software anywhere and anytime. Thanks to our many years of experience and perfect knowledge of the SAP CRM, we develop specialized mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems for our customers.

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Mobile applications integrated with SAP CRM provide a wide range of possibilities in customer interactions. Your sales reps and field technicians will have a tool that will increase their efficiency, reduce errors and help them provide better customer service.

Benefits of applications with SAP CRM integration

  • Availability | AVISANI


    Mobile apps are easily installed on all Android and iOS mobile devices. All your sales representatives, field technicians or other employees can use it at the same time.

  • Tailor-made functions | AVISANI

    Tailor-made functions

    We will create a mobile App that is fully integrated with SAP CRM and performs tasks in accordance with your company’s current requirements. You don’t have to adapt to universal solutions that require compromises.

  • A single database | AVISANI

    A single database

    All data loaded into the mobile app is stored in the SAP CRM database. All departments and employees can access the new data in real time. The app also provides access to all necessary data from the company database.

  • Reduced error rate | AVISANI

    Reduced error rate

    By checking data in the mobile app, you minimise employee data entry errors. Precisely set permissions granted to specific users ensure that your company data and customers’ personal data remain safe at all times.

  • Updates | AVISANI


    Have the functionality requirements of the mobile app changed? We can add, modify or remove features based on your company’s current needs as part of an update. With updates, employees can always work with the latest version of the app.

  • Improved customer experience | AVISANI

    Improved customer experience

    Customer-facing employees (customer service centres, field technicians, etc.) have access to all data in real time via the mobile app. This enables them to resolve customer requirements or provide a personalised service more quickly and efficiently.

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