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Get the most from customer interactions. Understand their current demands, provide them with superior service and improve the relationships between you and your customers. Enjoy all the benefits of SAP CRM technology and increase your revenue.

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Do you want to use the features of SAP CRM to the maximum? Since 2015, we have been offering smart solutions to improve the customer experiences. We are perfectly familiar with all components and functions of SAP CRM, which allows us to provide efficient and comprehensive services.

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What is the SAP CRM?

SAP CRM is software that is used to manage the relationship with customers. The software gives you quick access to important customer information at any time. Contact details, lead information, marketing campaigns, sales history and new sales opportunities can all be found in one place. SAP CRM is already used by many successful companies in more than 25 industries to build long-term customer relationships and increase the efficiency of sales processes.

The 5 biggest benefits of SAP CRM

  • Improved customer experience | AVISANI

    Improved customer experience

    Contact centres and field operators are able to provide customers with all relevant information and quickly resolve any problems or demands.

  • Boosted customer loyalty | AVISANI

    Boosted customer loyalty

    Astonish your customers with tailor-made services that will earn their loyalty. Run real-time analytics to identify the best offer, the right timing, and select the optimal channel for targeting.

  • Increased sales revenue | AVISANI

    Increased sales revenue

    Upgrade your marketing and sales funnel and increase your income with integrated tools for sales channel automation, opportunity management, forecasting, etc..

  • Higher efficiency of business processes | AVISANI

    Higher efficiency of business processes

    Help your sales, marketing and service team to achieve better results with less effort. Take advantage of automated processes and scheduled tasks.

  • Work

    Work “smarter” and improve collaboration

    Share important customer information across the company. By using a single CRM system, you’ll provide better customer service with every customer interaction.

Key SAP CRM features

SAP CRM is outstanding with its features and capabilities. Collecting and classifying contact information (until recently the only feature of CRM systems) is just one of the cornerstones of this software. With SAP CRM, you can improve the efficiency of all customer-facing processes.

  • Contact management | AVISANI

    Contact management

    Safely store information about your customers – such as personal details, social media accounts or preferred communication channels. All your data is stored in a central database that can be accessed by your entire team.

  • Customer Interaction Management | AVISANI

    Customer Interaction Management

    Monitor all interactions with your customers – including emails, phone conversations, social media posts and chats.

  • Lead management | AVISANI

    Lead management

    Uncover and monitor your potential customers so you can convert them into customers.

  • Workflow automation | AVISANI

    Workflow automation

    Automatise repetitive manual tasks and leverage the power of built-in AI and machine learning. Utilise the power of chatbot for automatic communication with your customers on social media and messaging apps.

  • Customer analysis | AVISANI

    Customer analysis

    Get important statistics at the right time. Predict your customers’ needs, personalise the offer to meet their needs and reach them with an offer they can’t refuse.

  • Integration with 3rd party software | AVISANI

    Integration with 3rd party software

    Integrate SAP CRM with your web server, email account, calendar, accounting and billing system, document management, digital signatures and more.

  • Security and portability | AVISANI

    Security and portability

    All SAP CRM functionalities are accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device. With a secured cloud solution, you can guarantee GDPR-compliant data protection.

In which business areas can you use SAP CRM?

  • Sales (Sales CRM) | AVISANI

    Sales (Sales CRM)

    Your sales representatives can use Sales CRM to create successful sales leads, automatically generate opportunities, create personalised offers, collaborate, generate reports and much more.

  • Marketing (Marketing CRM) | AVISANI

    Marketing (Marketing CRM)

    With Marketing CRM, the unpredictable becomes predictable. It can help you identify your customers’ current needs so you can surprise them with unique offers. Plus, it completes a number of marketing tasks for you automatically.

  • Services (Service CRM) | AVISANI

    Services (Service CRM)

    Customers are expecting value-added services that you can provide at the most suitable time thanks to Service CRM. By automating manual tasks, you reduce errors and save time. Chatbots can automatically answer customers’ most frequent questions.

  • E-commerce (E-commerce CRM) | AVISANI

    E-commerce (E-commerce CRM)

    E-commerce CRM contains a set of tools that provide a multi-channel sales environment – mobile, online and store. Get to know your customers and offer special customer care with the superior value.

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